7 Quick Ways to Boot Into the Windows Recovery Environment

1. Squeezing F11 When Computer Starts

At the point when you switch on the PC and you see the principal screen, press F11 to boot into Windows RE.

Note that this strategy will not work on all PCs. A few frameworks may expect you to press an alternate key like F9 or F12.

2. Utilizing the Settings App

In the event that you can boot into Windows and need to utilize Windows RE for some different option from boot blunders, utilize the Settings application in Windows 10.

Explore to Settings > Update and Security > Recovery.

Click Restart Now button under the Advanced fire up section. The PC ought to restart and enter recuperation mode.

3. Utilizing Restart Option in Start Menu

This is another choice to boot into WinRE in the event that you can boot into Windows.

Snap on the Start Menu and snap on the Power icon. Press and hold the Shift key as you click on the Restart option.

This should take you to the Windows RE where you can select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options to access Windows RE instruments.

Note: You can likewise do this from the login screen. Click Shutdown, at that point hold down the Shift key while choosing Restart.

4. Utilizing a Windows Bootable USB

On the off chance that you can’t boot into Windows, you can utilize a Windows bootable USB or DVD to enter Windows RE. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a Windows bootable USB or DVD, you’ll need to make one preceding you continue to the following stage.

You can download a Windows ISO and copy it on a DVD. Then again, you can make a bootable USB with devices like Rufus.

Addition the bootable USB or DVD into your PC and boot into it, very much like you would for installing a new duplicate of Windows. On the following screen, you’ll see a choice to Repair your computer at the base left. Snap on it, and you will enter Windows RE.

5. From the “Pick a working framework” screen

In case you’re adequately fortunate and have been double booting Windows 10 with another working framework, you’ll have another choice to boot into Windows RE.

At the point when you switch on the PC, you’ll see the Choose a working system screen.

Snap on Change defaults or pick other options. On the following screen, select Choose other options. This will take you to the Windows RE.

6. Utilizing Hard Reboot

A hard reboot is the point at which you press and hold the force catch to control off the PC. Don’t worry, hard reboots are not as destructive as they sound.

Hard reboot your PC and rehash the a few times. Normally, it takes two back to back framework reboots inside two minutes of boot finishing for your PC to boot into Windows RE.

Your PC will show the Recovery screen that peruses “It appears as though Windows didn’t stack correctly” and at the lower part of the screen, you’ll see a catch to See progressed fix options. Snap on it to enter Windows RE.

7. Utilizing the Command Prompt

You can utilize Command Prompt to boot into Windows RE insofar as you’re ready to boot into Windows.

Open the Start Menu., type “cmd” in the Search bar, and show Command Prompt as a chairman to right-clicking and choosing Run as administrator.

Enter the accompanying order:

Shutdown/f/r/o/t 0

This should boot your PC into Windows RE.

There is another passage highlight Windows RE from Command Prompt. The accompanying order will likewise take you to the Windows RE:


Leverage the Power of Windows RE

There are adequate approaches to boot into WinRE regardless of whether you can’t boot into Windows. Realizing these strategies can save you a lot of time when your PC chooses to have boot blunders a night prior to a significant show.

Windows RE isn’t useful for simply boot blunders, it can likewise help fix different issues like Blue Screen of Death with devices like System Restore. Notwithstanding, in some cases blue screens require other fixes.

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