9 Features to Look Forward to in iOS 15

After much anticipation, Apple finally announced iOS 15 at the 2021 Worldwide Developer Conference. This iOS update is packed with significant updates that will enhance the user experience.

iOS 15 will bring major changes to the iPhone ecosystem to improve user focus, utilize on-device intelligence, explore the world, and stay connected. So, without further ado, let’s jump right onto the best upcoming features of iOS 15.

1. Notifications in iOS 15

With iOS 15, Apple aims to utilize on-device intelligence to the brim. This will be most noticeable with the notification redesign on the Apple devices. Currently, notifications are sorted based on time and apps; this will no longer be the case in iOS 15.

iOS 15 will now sort notifications based on priority and on-device intelligence will create summaries of your notifications. These summaries will reduce distractions by delivering non-urgent notifications at a later time. Focus will not affect essential messages or notifications from priority apps.

2. iOS 15 Brings Focus Mode

A vital pillar of the iOS 15 update is to reduce distractions and help users focus. To that effect, Apple has introduced Focus mode. The Focus mode will allow users to filter apps and notifications based on their preferences.

You can select from an on-device intelligence suggested Focus or a custom Focus. With this mode, only allowed people and apps can notify you. Once you set Focus on one Apple device, it will automatically apply the same to all connected Apple devices.

When Focus is enabled on your iPhone and you receive an incoming notification, the other person will automatically receive a response stating you are unavailable.

3. iOS 15’s Live Text Recognizes Text From Images

iOS 15 users will now also be able to use their camera to recognize and transcribe text from images through Live Text automatically. iOS 15 uses on-device intelligence to allow users to take actions based on the transcribed image text.

Want to contact someone through business card details quickly? Open your camera app, point at the business card, and call or email your contact in a few seconds with Live Text.

4. Apple Updates FaceTime With iOS 15

We love FaceTime, so we’re super glad Apple decided to revamp FaceTime with many new features. iOS 15 uses spatial audio with FaceTime calls to make the calls more natural and an enhanced microphone mode that filters background noise.

More importantly, you can now use the SharePlay feature to stream music and video with friends and family in real-time. Platforms currently supported with SharePlay include Apple Music, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and more.

In addition, iOS 15 has introduced a Portrait mode within FaceTime that automatically blurs your background during calls and makes you the center of focus.

5. Now Store Hotel Keys With Apple Wallet

Following up on digital car key support last year, Wallet now uses Ultra Wideband technology that allows you to securely unlock your vehicle without removing your iPhone from a bag or a pocket. You can now also use Wallet to store your home, office, or hotel keys. In addition, users in some states of the US will also be able to store state IDs and driver’s licenses in Wallet.

You do not need to worry about the security of your identity card keys, as they are protected through the exact encryption mechanism of Apple Pay.

6. Redesigned Weather and Notes Apps

The Weather app has been redesigned to include dynamic layouts based on weather conditions, enhanced graphical displays, and animated backgrounds that accurately show precipitation and sun position. You will also receive notifications when the snow or rain starts and stops.

In iOS 15, the Notes app will categorize notes with user-created tags. Updates to shared notes include a recent edit history and the ability to notify selected members of important updates.

7. Detailed Maps in Apple Maps

Google Maps is still the preferred choice of many iPhone users, and so with iOS 15, Apple hopes more users will prefer the native navigation app. Maps now includes significantly detailed cities and neighborhoods. In some cities, such as San Francisco, you can even see crosswalks, bike lanes, and bus and taxi lanes.

Another significant improvement to Maps is a 3D view of intersections at highways. You will be able to see real-time location when riding a subway or a bus. iOS 15 also finally brings detailed and accurate walking directions by just holding up your iPhone. You will then receive detailed directions in augmented reality.

8. Safari Gets a New User Interface

Safari, too, gets a well-deserved redesign in iOS 15. The new user interface will make it easier to use Safari one-handed. It will also feature a compact tab bar that floats at the bottom of the screen to let you switch between different tabs easily.

Tab Group in Safari allows you to group and save tabs easily and then access them across any Apple device. iOS 15 also introduces web extensions that make Safari more powerful and customizable.

9. Smart Features

In addition to Live Text, iOS 15 will also include several other smart features. For example, you can use information from Live Text with Spotlight, where you can then search for a specific photo through text, location, people, or objects. You can also use Spotlight for web image searches and improve results when searching for contacts.

iOS 15 will bring a huge update to Memories as well. The redesign includes an improved interactive interface and Apple Music integration. It will also use on-device intelligence to suggest songs tailored to your memories.

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