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How to Downgrade to an Older Version of Android

Generally, it’s always best to keep your devices up to date. But unfortunately, updates can sometimes break software, change features in unwanted ways, or bring bugs with them that the manufacturer may not fix. Switching back to a previous version of Android is generally not recommended, but it isn’t impossible. Here’s how you can do […]

How to Schedule Dark Mode on Android

We’ve all been there. It’s late at night; you open your phone and are blinded by its intense white light. Even with your brightness adjusted, the white glare of your phone’s conventional UI can be too much for your eyes to handle. Fortunately, dark mode is here to save the day. A dark mode is […]

The 5 Best Fantasy Football Apps

The best fantasy football apps are built with a specific type of fanbase in mind. First-timers will want an easier platform that’s free to use, while more advanced players will want customization options and reliable player updates. Here are the best fantasy football apps for any kind of player, no matter what experience level you […]

The 6 Best Digital Wallet Apps

Making a payment online only to have your account information hacked will make you think twice about making another payment. With the best digital wallet apps, your private account info is stored securely while still letting you make a purchase at most participating locations. Here are the six best digital wallet apps that make spending […]

How to Bypass Google Verification on Android

Before Android OS rendition 5.1 (Lollipop), any individual who discovered your gadget could undoubtedly sidestep the lock (mathematical PIN or example) with a fast production line reset. To fix this, Google presented Google confirmation or Factory Reset Protection. While the presentation of plant reset insurance is intended to make a lost-and-discovered gadget unusable, there’s a […]

How to Use FTP on Android: 3 Solutions

What Is FTP? FTP represents File Transfer Protocol. In fundamental terms, it permits you to interface one gadget to another, and move documents between them. FTP works over the web, so you can utilize it to interface with a gadget in your Wi-Fi organization, or to a far off worker. To utilize it, you need […]

How to Hide Your Private Photos on Android

All the photographs you take with your cell phone end up in your gadget’s photograph exhibition. An inquisitive arrangement of eyes could without much of a stretch see pictures you don’t need them to see. Maybe you have snaps of classified data, blessing thoughts for a friend or family member, or simply unlimited images you […]

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